Dental Extraction

When a tooth is broken or damaged by decay, the first thing we would consider at Dental Artz Clinic is to try and fix the tooth using dental fillings, crowns or other dental treatments. However, sometimes, a tooth can be damaged beyond repair and should therefore be removed from its socket in the bone altogether. A tooth that is loose or unsupported by bone and the surrounding soft tissue may also require an extraction if it cannot be saved (used with bone replacement surgery), to avoid it falling out while you are eating, and potentially being lodged in your throat.

Damage and decay are not the only reasons for dental extractions. Other reasons include:

  1. Having extra teeth in your mouth that blocks other teeth from erupting
  2. Primary teeth not falling out in time to allow the permanent teeth to erupt
  3. Extractions may be required when considering orthodontic treatments, in order to create more space for teeth to move into place.
  4. Some teeth may need to be extracted if they could become a source of infection after an organ transplant. People with organ transplants have a high risk of infection because they must take drugs that decrease or suppress the immune system.

Wisdom teeth often require an extraction, either before or after they erupt, as they can become decayed, painful, cystic or infected. Often, wisdom teeth are stuck in the jaw and do not erupt. This causes pain and swelling in the surrounding tissue, therefore, the tooth must be removed. If you require the extraction of all four wisdom teeth, this can be done at the Dental Artz Clinic during one visit.

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