Dr. Chun-Wei Lee

B.Ch.D, PDD in Implantology, PDD in Pain control and Sedation (UWC)

Dr Chun Wei Lee obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry from the University of the Western Cape in 2007. He then went on to obtain his Post Graduate Diploma in Implantology in 2008 and his Post Graduate Diploma in Pain Control and Sedation in 2013.

During 2005 and 2006, Dr Chun Wei Lee was part of the Dental Faculty Student Council. He had also rendered his services on the Phelophepa Train. The Phelophepa Train is a unique train that operates as a mobile healthcare hospital, providing much needed medical care and educational services to the impoverished and rural areas of South Africa.

Dr Chun Wei Lee’s experience in dentistry covers working on a Cerec machine and E4D – machines designed to make highly aesthetic prosthesis – as well as surgical implant placements and implant supported prosthesis.

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